Exhibition at MAMA ( Albury Regional Gallery )

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Soul Journey: Jim van Geet

When: Thursday 7 April – Sunday 8 May

Where:  MAMA – Brindley Family Galleries

Price: FREE

Jim van Geet hails from North East Victoria. He’s a regular entrant in the Archibald Prize and other major portrait awards he loves to paint the human figure.

Jim will bring a selection of 20 – 25 large scale portraitures to MAMA, which will sell for $2000 – $12,000. Some smaller works will also be available for a lower price.

His exhibition, Soul Journey, is described as a powerful series that illuminates not just the subject or the sitter in a physical sense, but brings to light who they are internally, their desires, passions and past.

Portrait subjects range from High Court Judges to homeless street dwellers.

Jim has exhibited throughout the world and his works can be found in homes across Australia, Britain, France the US and Holland.

Exhibition at MAMA ( Albury Regional Gallery )

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My solo Exhibition ” Soul Journey ” starts on 7th April at MAMA ( Albury Regional Gallery ).

Solo exhibition at Michelini Winery 2015

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Solo exhibition at Michelini’s Winery in Myrtleford from 1st, July to 31st. August. I will be at the opening on Friday 3rd. so drop in and say hello or call me anytime, the studio’s not far away.Michelini exhibition 2015

Jim van Geet interview for Melbourne Television

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Hidden Faces of the Archibald 2014

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Hidden Faces of the Archibald



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Benalla Nude

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Newspaper article- Michelini Exhibition

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newspaper article -18-09-2013

Exhibition at Michelini Wines

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Toorak Times article

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Pation Pics

Hidden Faces of the Archibald, People’s Choice Award 2013

Victoria’s Got Talent? You bet!
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Jim van Geet titled “We’re home Toto” Oil & Gold leave
on Canvas 120cm h x 150cm w. Subject: Justice Betty King
of the Supreme Court of Victoria, relaxing at home after
a hard day ‘at the office’

Those in the art world know that the 2013 Hidden Faces of the Archibald People’s Choice exhibition is currently open for viewing and voting by the general public at the Hilton Melbourne, South Wharf Docklands Convention Centre from June 10 to August 8, 2013

This story is for the uninitiated.

Last year was the first time my attentions were drawn to Melbourne’s Salon des Refuses as it is known in art circles. This happened by invitation from a friend of my brother, singer / songwriter Lucy Gale who was the portrait subject for artist Jim van Geet’s 2012 Archibald entry and was part of that years Hidden Faces. My job was to cover the event.

Even though I have spent many years in media and promotions directly and indirectly since the family business was first born back in 1972; I had never been drawn into this creative world of fine art in such a personal and ethereal way prior to that meeting in the Hilton foyer this time last year. Since then I have been an enthusiastic and appreciative participant, doing what I can to further illuminate the fruits of Melbourne’s extraordinary home grown fine artists.

Melbourne is well known around the world as the epicentre for Australia’s premier art and cultural communities. The Victorian Salon des Refuses, Hidden Faces has evolved to give audience and expression to our best and is open exclusively to Victorian artists, running in tandem with the touring of the Archibald show.

Long time curator / manager of the Melbourne Hidden Faces, Jacqueline Taylor OAM from Ozlink Entertainment says, “I am constantly amazed at the talent of portrait artists in Victoria. Hidden Faces continues to bring-to-the-fore this expertise in this year’s excellent collection of paintings.

This years exhibition is showcasing 52 diverse portraits; encompassing a wide variety of subjects, styles and techniques featuring comedy, sport and justice making this display outstanding.

My friend Jim van Geet, a veteran contributor to the Sydney based Archibald art competition chose his subject for this years entry very carefully. He was drawn to the Hon. Justice Betty King of the Supreme Court of Victoria, regardless of the fact Betty was the subject of another artist’s 2012 Archibald entry. His reason for this when asked was to say, “I wanted to reflect who she is, not what she does.” Betty’s portrait bares witness to his intent. Another stand out feature of Jim’s portrait of Betty King is the surrounding gold leave background which is known by all artists as being exceptionally hard to paint well.